Doctorates in Spain

Official postgraduate studies in Spain

Official post-graduate studies are meant to provide students with academic, professional or research specialization at the Doctorate or Ph.D. level in the Spanish university education system. These degrees are adapted to the European Higher Education Space (EHES).

The Bologna Declaration of 1999 set the basis of the EHES, according to principles of quality, mobility, diversity, competitiveness and oriented towards the achievement, amongst others, of the conversion of the European system of higher education in a pole of attraction for students and academics of other parts of the world. The time horizon for the completion of EHES is 2010.

These degrees facilitate automatic recognition and mobility between the 30 nations that make up the EHES. The degrees cover a great variety of subjects, summed up in 5 areas or fields of knowledge:

  1. Arts and Humanities
  2. Sciences
  3. Health Sciences
  4. Social Sciences and Law
  5. Engineering and Architecture

Requirements to obtain a Doctorate degree in Spain

University studies leading to the official Doctorate or Ph.D. degree will have as their objective advanced training in research techniques. This training can be organized through courses, seminars or other activities that guarantee the development of research skills and will include the elaboration and presentation of the corresponding doctoral thesis, consisting of an original work of research.

Enrolment in official doctorate studies requires:

  • Having obtained a minimum of 60 credits in official graduate program.
  • Having an official University Master degree.

In any case, a minimum of 300 credits in the total of undergraduate and graduate studies will be necessary.

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